Monday, June 14, 2010

jones | family.

so i am VERY behind in blogging about recent & even not so recent photo sessions.
i try to keep up while editing but this week has been incredibly busy.
[& its only monday. that's not a good sign.]
also there was a little snafu with their disc after i finished
& well i believe in making things right - ASAP!
which is just what i did & misty was SOOOOO good to me about it.
[thanks again.]

take a look at what a hot couple these two are!
i can't even tell you how great they both were.
soooo down to do anything, pose anywhere....
you could just see the love between them just by the way they looked at one another.
those looks weren't posed. [for real!]

then you add in this little guy.
meet mister "g"
soooo handsome & cooperative.
my favorite face is the one where he is holding his gun & sitting by his dad, looking fierce.
it rocks! no doubt about it.
these things can't be coached either.
they have to happen on their own.
like these pictures.
i had a really good time with you guys!
i am so glad that i got to capture some fun photos of your family & little man!
i also can't wait to see you guys again!
[& i am hoping not for photos but just for fun too!]
i loved your laid back style.
i am sure you three have a lot of fun & good times together.

& ladies did you happen to notice how beautiful & shiny misty's hair is?
pretty sure it makes me want long hair again,
if mine would cooperate!

also i want to give a HUGE, i mean HUGE thanks to cindy!
cindy is so wonderful & took my dog treats [the barkscotti]
to SLC this weekend so they could be given out at the No More Homeless Pets event.
without her help, i would have been driving to SLC with 3 grumpy little girls,in the rain
& then running right back home for a photo shoot.
she saved me from my insanity, in so many ways.
i owe her big. big as the sky. 
i love finding kind & caring people in this world.
it shows me that there is hope.
& a reason to care.

thanks again jones' family. 
you are great.
& i am proud to know you.

love | hugs & laughs...


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