Sunday, June 13, 2010

they're paws-itively delish!

so, did any of you head out & support No More Homeless Pets of Utah last night?

if you did, how was it?
i wanted to & was supposed to be there but couldn't make it.
however, my gourmet dog treats were there! 

[my peanut butter & cinnamon barkscotti variety was provided & shown above] 
i hope every little pooch truly enjoyed them!
& they are safe for peeps too if anyone human happened to get curious.
[believe me, its happened. & more than once.] ha ha.

so if anyone has pictures or a recap of the event, i would love to hear all about it!
& if you aren't already a fan on facebook, please become one.
no more homeless pets of utah is a GREAT organization,
doing great things in our state for our furry friends.
go here also to get the whole scoop on NMHP & the great things they do.

also, i am sure some of you had no idea i even make dog treats.
some even think my dogs are spoiled.
yep, they are. i spoil them rotten.
they are my babies as well.
& i want to be a good dog mama to them.

you can find them in my etsy shop here.
& in honor of the canine casino night, i am giving a discount to anyone wanting to spoil their pup[s]!
should you choose to order use code "casino" to receive 10% off your 1st order.

i promise your pup will thank you for it.
or at least cuddle you a little extra :)


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