about [me.]

where to start? there is SO much to say. [or type. ha ha.]

i am a female, with a name spelled like a male. [aaron.]
i my little misses with everything i have.
just the way it should be. they make my world go 'round!
creativity runs through my body like blood. it NEVER stops.
[some days feel like a crazy roller coaster but man life sure is fun.]

i am truly [humble]. i feel the need to love & help those i don't even know.
& i constantly think of ways i can touch someone's day. it makes me feel complete to do good deeds.
[even when they don't want to receive any love or help.]
i tend to love people very much & trust them too much. often it makes for fabulous people in my life.
[& sometimes it results in me getting my heart stomped on. but i grow from it each time.]
i am independent & could not function otherwise. i have to be me. [old soul & all.]

i love black, black tea. NO sugar. [i drink about 2 gallons a day.]
i peanut butter & syrup on multigrain bread. [it's one guilty pleasure.]
i have a HUGE weakness for chocolate chip cookies. [seriously, its dangerous!]
i love sprouts, bell peppers & spinach. [i crave them daily. YUM!]
oh & i really love the taste of beer. & wine. [i keep both in my fridge, always.]
my house is filled with finds that were maybe once junk & are now my treasures.[it feels magical & fun.]
i love to kiss. [im a makeout queen, ask my husband.]
there's something so satisfying about a lovely, lingering kiss.  [don't act like you don't enjoy it.]

lets talk about some dislikes, everyone likes those. ha ha.

i truly think baseball is SO boring on tv.
i can't stand a dirty house, i am OCD & have to clean daily. [this includes vacuuming.]
i hate when people chew with their mouth open. [so gross.]
i seriously find it annoying when people can't say how they really feel.
[not how your friends expect you to feel.] i would rather be respected for being honest & open.
i dislike fish & seafood [except shrimp.] i am working on trying to like it more.

when i stop to think about life sometimes i get overwhelmed.
other times it is so simple.

bottom line. life is SO short. an hour turns into a minute and a year turns into ten.
before you know it your baby is graduating high school.
someone tell me where that time goes. please.
i would love to keep it in a bottle for those days you wish would never end.
for now, i live day to day. enjoying life, even on bad days.
i am blessed in so many ways & well isn't that what we all hope for when we are little?!

so for now i leave you with two quotes by one of my favorite philosophers.

"dwell in possibility" & "find the ecstacy in life - the mere sense of living is joy enough."
[emily dickinson]

much love & laughter to you all.


who's taking a [peek?]

my [daily] reads.

the [lady] behind the lens.

Im passionate. inspired. [driven.] and love to see people happy. I was first inspired by my [three] sweeties to pick up a camera. I am now hooked and want to show my little misses the beauty of chasing a dream & feeling alive.