Wednesday, July 14, 2010

what's for dinner | wednesday

so i know this not posting daily thing is lame...
again i am STILL in texas.
it really has been a LOOONG trip.
but fun & nice to be with family.

here is my first what's for dinner | wednesday.
before you think its lame, try it out.
it will NOT dissapoint & its not all that bad for you either.

before we left for texas my kids were disappointed,
their mom was making dinners that were...
well not quite up to the usual standards.
i explained there was no point in letting food sit & rot while we were away.
so i got creative. which i love to do anytime, so i am glad i did this.
it will become a favorite for me.
only maybe just egg whites & add mushrooms too.
mmmm, mushrooms. i love them!

so go here for the recipe & try this out.
its a great meal in a weeknight crunch & it really leaves you feeling satisfied.

got a whats for dinner idea to share??? 
PLEASE, pretty please, with cherries on me.

much love & happy eating

Sunday, July 11, 2010

blog stalk | sunday

every once in a while, i find a site that makes my soul sing.
my heart is full & pitter patters like i am in love again.
funny how that happens.
is it even possible or do i sound like a freakin' looney toon?
you can tell me, i admit to being crazy now & then.
it keeps me sane....[if that's possible] ha ha ha.

sooo...a long while back i read this blog.

then i saw this same couple

[sherry & john] to be exact,
in a magazine.
& then i told my friend melisa over at project nursery about them.
they have a beautiful nursery for their new little miss "c" [clara]

i have had this idea with the onesies for a loooonnng while now.
so i was thrilled to see it here.
i also have a SOOOO fab idea for a birth announcement too.
does ANYONE out there want me to photograph their newborn
[or slightly newborn] & try it out?
its seriously incredible. & it would be free to you...

anyway back to YHL.
this couple is living my dream...
blogging full time, raising a child & rehabbing a house into something fabulous.
their wedding was incredible & much like my own.
& i secretly want their sunroom. its so light & fresh.
& look at their kitchen. beautiful. fabulous. bright.

anyway there are a million, maybe a trillion...
things i could say about this site.
it's a favorite [if you can't tell!]
so do me a favor, check it out.
stalk them like i do. they don't mind. promise.
in fact, they love it. ♥

there is my blog stalk | sunday recommend.
it's just too fabulous to not share.
i have been selfish long enough.

also any of you real moms out there. i want to keep building this "community"
email me please. i have a fun thing to share with you.
can't wait to hear from you!


Saturday, July 10, 2010

saturday | sweets

as some of you know i am still in texas.
til the 19th! wow! its been a long trip.
kinda strange too.
still long. i will have been gone almost an entire MONTH!
i miss home. i miss utah. i miss my stuff. [i know its wrong..]
i miss my kitchen. my menu board. my doggies & sweet mr. cat - walter.
my family. my front loading dryer. [my clothes take WAY too long to dry here.]
& i have big plans to paint & redecorate my kitchen & living room when i get home.
it's time for change. so far all my new changes have been wonderful.
so i think i will carry on with some more...

so today i am sharing with you one of my favorite treats. i love it.
its simple. just sweet enough & not too bad for you either.

many of you don't know i am allergic to raspberries, all melons, cucumbers, kiwi, etc.
there are so many wonderful things i don't get to enjoy in life.
it's sad but i manage.
i find other things i love & CAN eat & i enjoy them. ALOT!
blackberries are one of those things!
so YUMMY. so subtle & juicy.
i eat them in the morning with vanilla yogurt & a VERY high fiber kashi cereal.
pure bliss. so good.  
& so good for me.[bonus!]

here is my blackberry splurge!

a double churn low fat vanilla ice cream, blackberries & mini vanilla wafers.
thats it. end of story. 
insert spoon, take your first bite. SMILE.
& say mmmm at least once.
i mean it. it's a requirement!

so enjoy your saturday sweet.
i hope you love it as much as i do.
it's truly an indulgence.
when i get home i plan to make a vanilla | blackberry pudding pop.
i will keep you posted on my progress!


Friday, July 9, 2010

photo challenge | phriday

welcome to the very first post for photo challenge | phriday. 
questions yet? here goes...

every week I will exchange one sooc picture with one photographer 
& the other photographer will do the same with me.
we will each edit our own photo & each others photo. 
we will then post them here on fridays...for your viewing pleasure.

there are many reasons I chose to do this challenge.
i guess i will start with the negative part first..
it seems that anymore the photography market is becoming very saturated.
before you hate me, hear me out.
as a hard working, constantly learning, somewhat newbie to this industry..
i feel we all have to start somewhere. but that somewhere, starts with integrity & pride.
& well, i have recently experienced,
some people do not seem to value this as much as others.

on the positive side, i feel there is such a segregation between photographers. 
my negative rant probably doesn't seem to help to bridge this divide.
but there are some photographers out there that dont want to support each other.
they want to be "idolized" & cant spare a minute of their time for a fellow photographer..
quite frankly its shameful. 
there is SO much of that going on in the internet world. 
& it makes my heart hurt. we should want to support each other. 
& not be afraid to ask for help. & not be too proud to give it.

there is some INCREDIBLE talent out there. talent to be shared.
talent to be inspired by. talent to be admired. to be loved. 
integrity to be valued & breathed in. so refreshing.
i hope to see a community of photographers, working together.
sharing. loving. helping. inspiring. motivating.
you get the idea. it's not always ideal but its my hope.

so i feel that i shouldn't explain any further. 
just know that i support everyone's dream. 
so don't get the wrong idea from the beginning of the post. 
i want everyone to follow their passion. 
life is too short to live with regret.
really. please appreciate my honesty.
it comes from a well meaning place. 
i hope this becomes a fun weekly feature that many will enjoy.

so after ALOT of yapping. here it is. 
smile & enjoy.

amy mcfarland of {amy cloud} photography
is the photographer participating this week.
she is super talented & does amazing work.
she recently did my thirty | on thursday feature as well..
expect to see more of her. she is so fun to work with & has great ideas.

this first photo is the sooc [straight out of camera] image that amy took.

the image below is amy's image, edited by amy, herself.
the next image is my [sweet | three photography] sooc image.

this is amy's edit of the sweet | three image

the next 2 images are my edits of each of the sooc images. 

so there it is my friends. 
photo challenge | phriday. 
did you like it?
do you or someone you know want to participate?
please do! email me for details!
i hope many do! i may not even participate some weeks...
so we can really form that "community" i was talking about!

have a great weekend! 

who's taking a [peek?]

my [daily] reads.

the [lady] behind the lens.

Im passionate. inspired. [driven.] and love to see people happy. I was first inspired by my [three] sweeties to pick up a camera. I am now hooked and want to show my little misses the beauty of chasing a dream & feeling alive.