Saturday, July 10, 2010

saturday | sweets

as some of you know i am still in texas.
til the 19th! wow! its been a long trip.
kinda strange too.
still long. i will have been gone almost an entire MONTH!
i miss home. i miss utah. i miss my stuff. [i know its wrong..]
i miss my kitchen. my menu board. my doggies & sweet mr. cat - walter.
my family. my front loading dryer. [my clothes take WAY too long to dry here.]
& i have big plans to paint & redecorate my kitchen & living room when i get home.
it's time for change. so far all my new changes have been wonderful.
so i think i will carry on with some more...

so today i am sharing with you one of my favorite treats. i love it.
its simple. just sweet enough & not too bad for you either.

many of you don't know i am allergic to raspberries, all melons, cucumbers, kiwi, etc.
there are so many wonderful things i don't get to enjoy in life.
it's sad but i manage.
i find other things i love & CAN eat & i enjoy them. ALOT!
blackberries are one of those things!
so YUMMY. so subtle & juicy.
i eat them in the morning with vanilla yogurt & a VERY high fiber kashi cereal.
pure bliss. so good.  
& so good for me.[bonus!]

here is my blackberry splurge!

a double churn low fat vanilla ice cream, blackberries & mini vanilla wafers.
thats it. end of story. 
insert spoon, take your first bite. SMILE.
& say mmmm at least once.
i mean it. it's a requirement!

so enjoy your saturday sweet.
i hope you love it as much as i do.
it's truly an indulgence.
when i get home i plan to make a vanilla | blackberry pudding pop.
i will keep you posted on my progress!



Tomi July 10, 2010 at 9:38 PM  

mmm..i need to find me some blackberries..STAT!

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