Sunday, July 11, 2010

blog stalk | sunday

every once in a while, i find a site that makes my soul sing.
my heart is full & pitter patters like i am in love again.
funny how that happens.
is it even possible or do i sound like a freakin' looney toon?
you can tell me, i admit to being crazy now & then.
it keeps me sane....[if that's possible] ha ha ha.

sooo...a long while back i read this blog.

then i saw this same couple

[sherry & john] to be exact,
in a magazine.
& then i told my friend melisa over at project nursery about them.
they have a beautiful nursery for their new little miss "c" [clara]

i have had this idea with the onesies for a loooonnng while now.
so i was thrilled to see it here.
i also have a SOOOO fab idea for a birth announcement too.
does ANYONE out there want me to photograph their newborn
[or slightly newborn] & try it out?
its seriously incredible. & it would be free to you...

anyway back to YHL.
this couple is living my dream...
blogging full time, raising a child & rehabbing a house into something fabulous.
their wedding was incredible & much like my own.
& i secretly want their sunroom. its so light & fresh.
& look at their kitchen. beautiful. fabulous. bright.

anyway there are a million, maybe a trillion...
things i could say about this site.
it's a favorite [if you can't tell!]
so do me a favor, check it out.
stalk them like i do. they don't mind. promise.
in fact, they love it. ♥

there is my blog stalk | sunday recommend.
it's just too fabulous to not share.
i have been selfish long enough.

also any of you real moms out there. i want to keep building this "community"
email me please. i have a fun thing to share with you.
can't wait to hear from you!



Andrea July 22, 2010 at 3:32 PM  

I have that lemon fabric the little one is laying on, and I LOVE it! I just made Kim an appliqued tank and hair flower with it. So fun and summery!

Also, I LOVE THEIR BLOG. They seriously are living out my dream too! How do we make that work... hmmm...

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