Wednesday, July 14, 2010

what's for dinner | wednesday

so i know this not posting daily thing is lame...
again i am STILL in texas.
it really has been a LOOONG trip.
but fun & nice to be with family.

here is my first what's for dinner | wednesday.
before you think its lame, try it out.
it will NOT dissapoint & its not all that bad for you either.

before we left for texas my kids were disappointed,
their mom was making dinners that were...
well not quite up to the usual standards.
i explained there was no point in letting food sit & rot while we were away.
so i got creative. which i love to do anytime, so i am glad i did this.
it will become a favorite for me.
only maybe just egg whites & add mushrooms too.
mmmm, mushrooms. i love them!

so go here for the recipe & try this out.
its a great meal in a weeknight crunch & it really leaves you feeling satisfied.

got a whats for dinner idea to share??? 
PLEASE, pretty please, with cherries on me.

much love & happy eating

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