Friday, July 2, 2010

it's friday. YAY!
i am a day late on the thirty | on thursday post.
i actually tried to post last night but the photos were being SOOOO difficult.
crazy blogger, sometimes it happens. :)

so i want to introduce you to our 1st thirty | on thursday feature.
meet amy mcfarland of {amy cloud} photography.

amy recently moved to carbon county, utah from omaha, nebraska.
she & i connected on facebook at the beginning of the year.
since then we have shot a wedding, shared ideas & frustrations & gotten to know one another more.
we still have a TON of catching up to do but for some reason, neither of us can be in the same county at the same time. we need to work on that, right?
that girl's night will happen, before the end of the year.....
savannah likes to call amy by the name of katie, which she happens to have a sister by the name of......

amy loves life, photography, her pups & her honey tony.
well i am sure there is more but i know these main things for sure.
so enjoy learning more about amy.
i tried to keep the industry related questions kind of specific then give you some fun just because questions..
if you can think of ways i should improve this or anyone to feature, please let me know :)
i want to hear. i want this to be a site everyone wants to read!

happy friday - happy 4th - XOXO
& a big thanks to amy for sharing with us! it was seriously FUN!!!

1 | where are you from?  I grew up in a small community in Northwest Iowa called Anthon

2 | where is home now? East Carbon, UT

3 | what's a favorite indulgence? Chocolate!  I stock up on Cadbury Easter eggs after the holiday so I can have them all year.  This year I only bought 6--I know, what was I thinking?  I have one left.  It stares me in the face every day, nestled between a can of green beans and a can of stewed tomatoes on the top shelf of my pantry!  I just can't bring myself to end the deliciousness.

4 | as a photographer are you formally educated or self taught?  
I took one class in college that taught me the basics.  Otherwise all self taught.  I read and research a lot!

5 | if you could be anywhere with your camera [of course!] where would it be? [& why?] 
I can't really say a place.  I'd say in a moment.  I am a hopeless romantic so any moment of love, like an engaged couple. 

6 | describe to us your style of photography?  My style is vibrant and full of bright colors.  I catch moments but give you portraits that you won't want to replace every year, but add to. 

7 |  name one photographer you would want to meet & take a photo of. [& why?]  
Oh man this is a tough one.  I would have had the perfect answer a couple of months ago by saying Brooke Kinsey of Blush Photography in SLC.  I took a workshop from her and she is super fabulous!!  Her photos have so much feeling and her post processing is beautiful!  If I'd have to pick one I haven't met yet, then I'd say Jasmine Star.  Her writing is amazing and her humor and personality are both very contagious!  She also really seems to care about other photographers and as busy as she is-she has answered some of my own personal questions on her fan page.

8 | what motivates & inspires you? 
Love.  In it's most simplistic form.  Seeing love drives me to freeze those moments in time and love from those around me makes me want to work harder. 

9 | whats in your purse | bag? My purse looks like a tiny tornado hit it!  Wallet, phone, lip gloss, loose change, about a million receipts floating around, earrings, a ring, junior mints, an empty plastic baggy, my sisters birthday present, sunglasses, a pen, haaa- a pair of those plastic Bubba teeth (I was at a get together this last weekend that required them), a planner, and a napkin. 

10 | had you not been a photographer what career path woluld you have chosen?  Something artistic.  Creativity runs in my veins.  I've really had the urge lately to learn to how to fix up and rescue old furniture. 

11 | if you could have any talent [besides, the obvious.] what would it be?  To be a famous singer, probably on Broadway.  I was in choir and plays from kindergarten through my first year of college.  I even played Laurie in Oklahoma my senior year of high school.

12 | name 5 words someone would use to describe you? bubbly, loud, soft-hearted, passionate, artistic

13 | what's your favorite food?
  Anything mexican!  The more authentic the better!

14 | what is one thing [no people or pets] that you can not live without? Music!  I am a fan of all kinds. 

15 | something that is overrated? underrated? Overrated--living in a big city.  I lived in Omaha for about four years (not even that big) and don't get me wrong, I loved it.  But there is nothing like living in a small town.  It took me moving back to one to realize that.  I'm going to say small towns would be underrated!

16 | name one person [famous or not] you most relate to or that best represents you & why?  Another tough one.  I would say my mom.  I am like her in so many ways.  She is so much fun and I can talk to her about anything.  She is the whole reason I first picked up a camera.

17 | tell us one thing that no one would guess or we would be shocked to know?  
I had a lazy eye as a kid and had to wear a patch!  I hated it but that was back when my mom was crazy for Days of Our Lives and she made me feel better by telling me I could be just like her favorite character Bo. 

18 | name a blog [or a couple blogs] you stalk regularly?
Kacey Luvi - She took our engagement pictures. 
I've been following her for over 3 years.  Such an inspiration. 
Sloan Images International-Christina doesn't only inspire me but she cares about me and my well being.  She has helped me grow in so many ways.  I am forever in debt to her!  Check her out.  She was voted one of the top most influential photogs of the decade! 
And The Pioneer Woman- She is a lady of many talents and is super funny.  How can you not love her!

19 | share with us an image or two of your favorite or most recent work...something to make us swoon :)  

20 | what is your favorite kind of photo shoot & why? I think I hinted at this earlier.  Engagements.  I love "love stories".  Something about shooting couples makes my heart go "pitter-patter".  I could shoot couples all day long and never get tired of it.  They always seem to have the most excited and heartfelt responses when they get the finished product.  They make me feel so good about what I'm doing.

21 | what is your favorite color? what do you believe it says about you?  If you've seen my work you will probably laugh when you read this.  Black!  And not because I wear a lot of it.  But because its the color that can never be covered up.  No matter what color you use to color over top of it, the black will always stay true and hold strong.  I feel that way about me.  I've had some ups and downs (who hasn't) and have always managed to stay true to myself. 

22 | what is something that you have plans to try before the end of this year?  I have a super fun stylized shoot coming up that I've been dying to do!  Think vintage!  Can I squeeze in one more?  A birth story.  I want to shoot a baby being born from the moment the mom gets to the hospital to the time the baby is laying in his/her parents arms.

23 | your favorite holiday? Halloween!  I LOVE dressing up!  Most of the time I make my own costumes

24 | describe yourself in one word.  Real

25 | what's your dream car? dream home destination?
Car--my husband laughs at me about this.  Im not about flashy and expensive cars.  I just want a Nissan Altima!  Home--a plantation style home somewhere in the mountains.  Im not sure if that would even be possible.  Destination--Ireland.  It's in the works.  My husband and I (he lots more) both have some Irish in us.  Nothing fancy--visit some castles, hike the hills, visit a few pubs. 

26 | when you aren't shooting, where can we find you?  Outside.  I love the outdoors. 
This is my favorite part of Utah.  Campfires, boating, 4wheelers.  Nature is amazing and I love being able to take it all in!

27 | what's your secret to balancing life? a career, marriage, etc.  Stop working when the husband gets home!  Ha! Honestly this is hard for me.  I am really passionate about what I do and I crave going out on shoots no matter how busy I am.  My friends and family are probably so tired of hearing me talk about photography especially since they don't know the difference from an F-Stop to ISO.  I try to stop working though after 6p.m. and take it easy on the weekends that I don't have shoots.  I really need to improve here!  I'll take any hints or advice others may have!

28 | what's an item on your wish list? [non photographic...]  A Nissan Altima ;)

29 | what do you | or would you... make the world a better place?  I'd love to somehow get involved with helping military families with kids that have a mom or dad overseas.  I think it would be so hard being a "single parent" with the fear of knowing that the one you love could get hurt or even die while fighting for our country.  I really don't know how I could help out in this area but again, advice or hints would be appreciated! ;)

30 |  leave us with a piece of advice | inspiration..... 
always stay true to yourself and your style.  Others may not like or agree with what you are doing, but as an artist you have to express yourself and do what makes you happy.  Those who believe in you and your art will be the best clients and friends you will ever have.

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