Thursday, July 1, 2010

thirty | on thursday

so i feel badly that i didn't post yesterday.
i had a good one too.
so after we are home from vacation you will get to see normal posts again.
every single day.

so yesterday would have been...
what's for dinner | wednesday
yum, is all i can say.
i can't wait to share yummy recipes with you.
last night, we had a family barbeque & i made panzanella....
but not your typical panzanella.
it was delish & different & i cant wait to get home & make it again.
& i can't wait to share the recipe with you either.

so today's post would have been 30 [thirty] on thursday.
what's that you ask?
30 questions answered by some fabulous people.
maybe they will be photographers, maybe they will be foodies
or an inspiring person...but either way, you are sure to ENJOY.

so stay tuned. i can't wait to share with you.
if you think there is someone you want to see or hear from, clue me in.
i am always open to suggestions.

so until i return, happy thursday. hope its a good one.
& you may see the 30 on thursday posted tonight.
a little late?! yes! but forgive me, i am on vacation.
i have to enjoy, life is too short to not do that :)
vacation doesn't happen everyday.



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