Tuesday, June 29, 2010

tastetest | tuesday

so from now on every tuesday i am going to feature a delicious tastetest of a new recipe.
it may be a baked good...
it may be a main course...
it may be a beverage....
it may be a salad...

either way......you get the point, i am sure.

this week since we are on vacation, i kept it simple.
[i am sure you can understand.]

have you ever heard of bakerella?
anyone answering no to this question is crazy.
miss bakerella is famous for her itty bitty cake pops.
they are amazingly detailed & so fun.
pretty much everyone i know has either tried their hand at the cake pops...
or dreams about it.

i know i will one day.
i have already been making cake balls for a loooong while now.
i think i can settle on that for now.

for this week's taste test, we made these brownies or cookies....
you know i am not really sure what they are but they were GOOD!
really, REALLY, good!

honestly, it was such a great mix between a chocolate chip cookie [my ultimate weakness!]
& a brownie. such a good combination!

my girls loved them by the way! [as seen in the photos above!]
so I hope you try your hand at these!
don't let them cook too long! mine were nice & chewy.


Amy July 1, 2010 at 7:20 PM  

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