Tuesday, June 15, 2010

laugh it up - 06.15.2010

[photo courtesy of awkardfamilyphotos.com]

if this is what we have to look forward to...
i think i would like to live forever please.
or become a convict..
either one will do.

somehow i think we all know we want to rest in peace when we pass
but this is taking it a little far.
i wonder if the two on the bottom are the outcasts of the family?
they surely don't seem to be nearly as excited as everyone else.
in fact, i think they are plotting a getaway plan....
[maybe if they run fast enough out of there, rob a bank or two on the way...]
surely that would change their fate......
ha ha ha.

so i cant decide whats worse about this picture,
the fact that they all showed up for something so terrible
or the fact that clearly someone had to of come up with the idea...
that's a scary thought.

come back tomorrow for another fun photo!
& please email me any that you may have!


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