Monday, June 14, 2010

it's all fun & games...

until it's captured with a camera.
well, then we all know what happens.
it's pretty permanent for all the world to see if you don't watch your back
or play your cards right.

lately several photographers, news stations & other sites I follow
have been featuring horrendous photos of families.
some recent, some not so much.
all equally horrendous | hilarious | scary...
if you are in any photos like this, I recommend burning all evidence immediately.
ha ha ha.
not judging but it is pretty funny to see the "trends" in our photographic timeline.

so i am going to be sharing with you some awful photos i find.
in fact, i am so brave, that i will be sharing my own.
i fully intend to make the trek into my basement over the weekend to see what i can find.
i promise it will make you laugh.
i once had a sweater vest that was bright yellow, i wore it often...
only to find out later some of my friends [still dear friends] called me big bird.
really, i will stop at this for now.

so i leave you with this funny moment.
i really am not sure what to make of this.

we all find our parents mortifying at some point but i think this takes the cake.
maybe i shouldn't be so sure, it could get worse as i find more photos.

on another note, if you have some fun pictures to share please email me
i would love to share the laughter, & no worries you can remain anonymous.
unless your family | friends read the blog...then well, your jig is up! ha ha.

love & laughter


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