Monday, July 5, 2010

a little late.....

blame it on vacation again, its too hard to try & be fifty places at once.
i am sure you know how that is at times.
i want to make sure my kids have the funnest time ever...
we got sunburned yesterday, yes all of us. & we all had on sunscreen.
i bought a better brand last night. can't have that happening again.

anyway, i wanted to share with you a blog stalk | sunday post.
i had hoped to post this yesterday which was actually sunday....
but the 4th of july was taking place & well, that's important!
p.s. i hope you all had a safe & fun holiday!

so today i want to share with you.....a fun foodie blog.
i recently participated in a giveaway there & i read it weekly for recipe fun & ideas.
so you really should check it out, its alot of fun.
& the food looks & sounds OH SO YUMMY!!!
Melissa really is talented with her kitchen skills!

so please check it out.
its stalk | worthy for sure. so stalk away.


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