Monday, July 5, 2010

happy birthday | to you.

today is my sweet ella's birthday.
she turns 3.
thats a big number for such a tiny girl.
ella is my sunshine on a rainy day, full of smiles, hugs & kisses whenever anyone needs them.

i cant believe we have already reached the number 3!
time flies when life is so good.
a few things about ella in her 3rd year of life....or right before it :)

*she loves MILK, i mean LOVES IT! has to have it all the time.
*she loves dresses, jewelry & anything girlie. a total girlie girl.
*she loves to be "my big helper" as she calls it. & she truly is such a great help!!!
*she eats only the icing off of cake & cupcakes usually. it's her favorite part.
*she requests noodles for breakfast on a regular basis. she loves them.
*she also loves broccoli & eats it like there is no tomorrow, boy am i lucky!
*her blanky is attached to her like a 3rd arm, she cant function without it.
  poor grandma greenwood has made like 5 already....too funny.
*she loves to sing, especially twinkle, twinkle & boom boom pow.
*being tickled is complete happiness for her.
*miss ella has an insane sense of humor & says the funniest things.
  after being told she couldn't go on the airplane without being potty trained..
  without hesitation, she told her dad "send me a message then!" hilarious!
*you almost ALWAYS share with anyone, you are so kind hearted that way.

i can't really think of everything to share about her because there are SOOO many good things.
ella you are an amazing little ball of sunshine, full of love & laughter & my days with you are sweet.
of course you aren't always well behaved or nice but that comes with the age...
& you are always quick to say sorry and offer a hug.

we love you miss ella bonana.
you deserve the best birthday a 3 year old could ask for.

XOXO - ♥ 
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