Thursday, July 8, 2010

thirty | on thursday

so i would like to say that life has been good today.
but it hasn't.
i got very sick.
that's the reason this post is up so late today.
& why the past few days you haven't seen a thing.
my apologies for that. all should return to normal soon.

so today's post rocks!
i am introducing you to a girl that is amazing.
she is like this little ball of energy in my mind.
& everytime i see her, she is so kind & funny.
oddly enough, we met through my little sister.
strange how life happens.
meet tomi.

she recently started a fun blog, the sprinkled scoop.
the blog is going to be great, i know it.
tomi has great fun with everything & finds the most quirky & amazing things.
so i thought it would be fitting to feature her, everyone needs a friend like this.
even if you can't meet her in person!

so here is today's thirty | on thursday post.
read it, enjoy. laugh. have some fun.
& please, please, please check out her blog...i am sure she will be posting soon.

tomi, i have to tell you...that i loved the part about juno.
i ♥ juno too. & i too, thought she was so selfless & fun.
i bought a hamburger phone after i watched that movie.
no joke. savannah used to say when answering "hello, its a cheeseburger calling you."

1 | where are you from? wellington, utah

2 |where is home now? Helper, Utah

3 | what's a favorite indulgence? Food wise? Bacon. Otherwise? Books. Lots and lots of books.

4 | what is your favorite thing to cook & why?
Rice Pilaf. It's super easy, and you can never make just a little. So you can eat it for days and days.

5 | any good reads to suggest to us...
Divine Misfortune by A. Lee Martinez and Julie and Julia by Julie Powell

6 | favorite movie & why?
Juno, it's eccentricities and lingo make it so much fun to watch, and it is a really touching story about a mistake turning into a blessing, what Juno does is a really selfless act.

7 | name one person you would want to meet & why?
Paula Deen, I love everything she makes and she just seems like a warm southern maw maw (grandma, LOL!)

8 | what motivates & inspires you?
I get motivated by setting goals, and giving myself rewards. Like, if I clean the kitchen, I reward myself with a nap. :) I get inspired by books and music mostly. It's funny the way I can hear a song and create a recipe to go around it. Also, My little boy, Ryley. He inspires me to put fun into everything I do. Life is better when it's silly.

9 | whats in your purse | bag? oh wow..let's see: Ipod touch, zombie brain flavored mints, 3 lipglosses, momspit hand sanitizer, tissues, wal-mart receipts, my wallet, some plastic  bangles, a matchbox car, and a couple packages of fruit snacks.
(it's a rather large purse)

10 | what is your biggest fear? eek. It's a tie between giant squid and prehistoric sharks.
The thought of both terrify me.

11 | if you could have any talent [besides, the many obvious ones.] what would it be?
I'd like to learn how to blow glass, I think that is more than a little amazing what they do with a tiny ball of glass.

12 | name 5 words someone would use to describe you? Sweet, Quirky, Stubborn, Showoff, Sassy

13 | what's your favorite food? Sweet: Cupcakes, hands down. Otherwise: Jacketed baked potatoes.
[p.s. tomi, what are jacketed baked potatoes?]

14 | what is one thing [no people or pets] that you can not live without? My ipod touch.

15 | something that is overrated? underrated? overrated would have to be dieting. For health reasons, that's understandable. Everyone needs to be healthy. But dieting to just make yourself look that much better is not good. That's how the world has developed it's body issues. I always say "I'd rather be fluffy and happy than skinny and miserable" Underrated would have to be plain ol' mac n' cheese. Just cheese, noodles, and a pinch of salt. Haha, of course I bring it back to food.

16 | name one person [famous or not] you most relate to or that best represents you & why? dont laugh..Cheer bear from the care bears. I relate to always wanting people to be happy and cheerful. The best way to do that is to be happy and cheerful yourself.

17 | tell us one thing that no one would guess or we would be shocked to know?
 I am a HUGE taylor swift fan. lol. [IM SHOCKED!!!!]

18 | name a blog [or a couple blogs] you stalk regularly?
Cakespy(this the most!)
♥ me some cakespy too! 
[i happen to ♥ bakerella alot too! she is amazing!]
Your blog.
[thank you! i am absolutely TOUCHED!]

19 | tell us your favorite thing about your significant other? [this will be fun.] :) He is impossible to stay mad at. Whenever i'm mad, he cracks a joke, and the fight is over. I love it.

20 |tell us something you aren't good at? [or just wish you were.] Sewing. I fail at sewing, but I really want to learn how.

21 | what is your favorite color? what do you believe it says about you? pink. I think it says "wow, you really do have a totally girly side!"

22 | what is something that you have plans to try before the end of this year? fondant. I've dappled, but I plan to become a master. haha.

23 | your favorite holiday? Halloween. So spooky. I go all out every year.

24 | describe yourself in one word. Awesome :)

25 | what's your dream car? dream home destination? Dream car --Black nissan cube. Dream home destination--Seattle.

26 | where is your place for peace? [your most peaceful place to be.] [or your way of achieving it] My couch late at night, reading my book.

27 | what's your secret to balancing life? a career, marriage, etc.
taking things one step at a time, always.

28 | what's an item on your wish list? [for you or for someone else] Pink kitchenaid mixer! with attachments!

29 | what do you | or would you... make the world a better place?  Sweeten it up a bit. I love to take goodies to people. A big plate of cookies always puts a smile on everyone's face.

30 | leave us with a piece of advice | inspiration.....

Never trust a skinny cook! haha, j/k. Actually, be true to yourself. Follow your rainbow, it will always lead you somewhere nice.

awesome advice tomi!!!
& the rainbow advice....AMAZING!!!
i will have to share that more!
keep following your rainbow, i know i will!


Tomi July 8, 2010 at 11:40 PM  

Thanks for your nice words!
You dont know what a jacketed baked potato is? omg. you just haven't lived. The next time you possibly can, go to ruby river steakhouse, and try one. AMAZING. It is a baked potato (like the size of a mini-football) dipped in batter and fried, topped with oodles of cheese, sour cream, and of course, BACON! So fattening, but so worth it!

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