Thursday, June 24, 2010

step by step....

these guys just keep on giving me a laugh
[or many.]

like many young girls back in the day, i was in love.
the new kids on the block had it goin' on....
i had a sleeping bag with them on it & much more.

but after seeing photos like this,
i realize there is a reason some things should stay in the past.

 [photo courtesy of]

one look at their hair says it all for me...
& that poor girl has to live with that memory forever.
i bet that to this day she still doesn't eat whatever that is he is shoving in her mouth.
i am barely eating carrots again...
& my traumatic event took place at the age of 5,
so...i can only imagine :)

either way, enjoy a laugh & i know some of you are still in love with these boys
but i can safely say that i am not & this photo seals the deal for a lifetime.
amazing how damaging & permanent a photo can be?

love & hugs.


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