Wednesday, June 23, 2010

everyone loves a giveaway.

& it's our very first!
so tell many of you ever win anything???
well i will tell you that i never seem to.
no matter how hopeful i am about it.

in fact my most recent letdown involved 2 chances of winning.
1. i was NOT chosen to go to meet the pioneer woman at her ranch & have her make me yummy goodness.
[i will tell you now, i was CRUSHED.]
seriously, crushed.

2. involved a chance to shoot with the talented Kristen Weaver in Miami.
[again, crushed.]
but also loved the fact that so many friends & family supported me.
& well, sometimes we all need those moments in life.

sooo....hold on to your horses friends.
do i have a giveaway for you.
my friend melissa at the olive tree & i have been coordinating this for a while now.
it's scrumptious just like all the recipes at the olive tree.
i think you would all like Melissa's fun & open personality.
she shares recipes in fun ways & is very honest about how they turn out.

she makes fabulous food.
so fresh, fun & always making me HUNGRY!!!!
so how does this tie in to my giveaway letdowns??

well, the way i see it, you are all winners for being able to enjoy the good recipes at the olive tree
& secondly, the giveway itself rocks & someone is going to win!

so head on over to the olive tree, try some new recipes, become a fan on facebook & tell your friends.
i promise its worth your time.

so i leave you with a little glimpse of part of the big prize.
& trust me there is much more.
just in time for the 4th of july & all these wonderful summer celebrations!

[recipe cards from my etsy shop]

good luck to you all for entering!


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