Sunday, June 27, 2010

blog stalk | sunday

so...i don't know about any of you but i am an avid reader of blogs.
MANY blogs.
SO many that i can't honestly keep count anymore.
the reasons for following each of them is unique.
some are inspiring, some are fun, some i can relate to, some empower me,
some motivate me & some humble me....
as you can see there are MANY, MANY reasons for why i choose to stalk [er, i mean follow] these blogs.

so as another part of my daily posts each week, i bring you...
blog stalk | sunday

strange? maybe.
awesome? YOU BET!
i hope to meet other fabulous new bloggers through doing this as well.
so if you have a blog, lets stalk [er, i mean talk] ha ha.
i want to know about it.

i want to share with all of you the wonderful bloggers i know,
or don't know yet...since i stalk them, i am sure we will "meet" soon. ha ha.

so the very first blog stalk | sunday is dedicated to a fabulously talented party planner.
she is a mama, an entrepreneur, i could go on and on.
she is super talented! & her name is jess. from pen & paperflowers!
it is a wonderful blog full of inspiration & happy thoughts....
& we all love a little extra "sunshine" these days!

& when you take one look at her daughters' recent lemonade & sunshine party...
you will swoon. i mean seriously. its THAT good.

i dont know about you but by the time i got done reading it,
i felt like i was in an issue of country living magazine & i could seriously taste the lemonade cake
oh & the lollipops too.
but my favorite thing ever was this....

i also want to share with you the inspiration board that she started with prior to executing this party.

its fabulous. [said while squealing with delight.] ♥
& if you aren't using inspiration boards already, GET WITH IT!
you are REALLY missing out my friends...seriously.

so please go STALK jess you won't be sorry you did.
i know i will keep on stalking her for a long time.

& for those of you creeped out by my terminology...sorry.
i would be flattered to be blog stalked.
now everyday peeking through my kitchen window stalking...
NO WAY! & for those of you who say "i don't blog stalk!"
um, can we say liar?! yeah, know who you are! ha ha.
SO i say stalk [only blogs. i dont need the cops called on me.] FREELY & with pride.
if you have a good blog i should hear about email me please!

now, i am off to finish my work & packing for our vacation.
it snuck up on me quickly!

happy sunday!
love | hugs & smiles.


Amy June 27, 2010 at 11:28 PM  

This is a fun idea! And that party looks super fun! I need a good theme party in my life right now! I am a theme party queen! :)

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