Saturday, June 26, 2010

saturday | sweets

so again i am introducing to you a new weekly feature. 
saturday | sweets. 
i get excited & feel the need to exercise just thinking about it.
i have to tell you now...
i love, LoVe, ♥ to bake.
however, i don't always tend to eat alot of what i bake.
so if you are lucky enough to be my best friend, neighbor or family member..
you get to eat some yummy, delicious goodies & not have to work for them either!
what a life....
soooo today i bring you blackberry babycakes [the tiny jars]
& the grown up version [the big jars] crazycakes.
why crazycake? just looking at them says it all.
there are 3 [yes! 3] cupcakes in that jar. 
you have to be crazy to eat it all....
but you will do it if you are a true cupcake lover.

the recipe for everything can be found on my kitchen crazies blog.
keep in mind that the blog is still being designed & it isn't quite finished yet. 
but the recipes are still there for your viewing pleasure & to be tried of course!
feel free to send me any of your own too.
kitchen crazies is going to be an online cooking community.
not just "my" food blog.
So you HAVE to SHARE yummy ideas & ask questions.
it's a must.

these babycakes & crazycakes went to my friends jamill & april for their birthdays.
they were extra special because yesterday they did a local triathlon.
i am proud of them for their hard work & dedication to being fit & healthy.
i handed out water. [hey! it took dedication] & i was on litter patrol. ha ha ha.

to wrap this up, i want to ask if there is something you want to see on this blog, email me.

& find the recipe for the icing here.
& the recipe for the vanilla cupcakes here.
& lastly the recipe for the easy peasy blackberry sauce here.
it's all so yummy. blackberries are quickly becoming a favorite for me.
[especially since i am VERY allergic to raspberries & melons.] what a load of garbage, huh?!

have a sweet | saturday
love & hugs.


jess @ pen n' paperflowers June 27, 2010 at 8:03 AM  

LOVE your saturday sweets featured...SO fun!
it reminds me of the "saturday sundaes" we enjoy as a family once a month! *wink*

and these babycakes and crazycakes are an absolutely adorable idea! thanks for sharing!!

Aaron [air] June 27, 2010 at 1:21 PM  

thanks so much jess! & that sounds YUMMY!!! I love sundaes - in moderation of course :)

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