Friday, June 25, 2010

feel good | friday.

today's post could not be more fitting.
i have been dreaming of ways to bring you [my lovely readers] ♥
something more than just awkward photos & recap's of my shoots...

i had dubbed today feel good | friday in my head.
i just was NOT sure about what to post to start it off...
then...i came across this article in my august issue of [whole living]
[fabulous magazine by the of my favorites.]
it really brings me back to who i am, what i hope to accomplish & ways to do it.
it supports me....mind, body & soul.
not often do you find a magazine or even a friend capable of that.

they shared in the issue - 10 thoughts on whole living.
i feel the need to share those with you.
every one of these things hit home for me
& i hope that you find peace in this list & motivation to change your life.
sometimes even a small change can be good.
[for the record i am not calling anyone's life inadequate.]
i just like to encourage everyone to look outside their box.
breathe a little differently, look through different eyes now & then.

so here they are | 10 thoughts on whole living
1. taste something straight from the tree.

2. give your way out of a bad mood...
with a donation, foot message or compliment.

3. daily chaos will never cease 
[story of my life.] 

4. see your surroundings with fresh eyes. 

 the best way to find yourself is to discover where you are.

5. head outside and MOVE. nature invigorates the mind & body.

6. don't wait for inspiration to strike.
IGNITE your own creative fire.

7. take a day OFF. the world [& the office.]
will be fine & still be there when you get back.

8. notice your cravings - 
for sugar, caffeine & attention.
 ask yourself what you really need & why.

9. kick off your shoes, spread your toes...and ground yourself in the present.

10. rising to a physical challenge can make you feel POWERFUL in every way.

happy feel good | friday! 
i am leaving you with another image of my trip to tavaputs ranch this week! 
it makes me feel happy!


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