Thursday, June 3, 2010

Shylie | Carbon 11' Senior

for being so busy i certainly got to have a fun afternoon.
it's always nice when you get to spend time photographing people.
[well, for me, it is!]

meet shylie.
shylie is a senior rep for me for carbon high school.
shylie is a senior graduating next year in the spring of 2011. [goooo! dinos.]
we met up today to do a mini shoot before her actual pictures in the fall.
shylie is a beautiful girl who thinks she stinks at pictures.
i happen to disagree [strongly!] what about you?
so here is a sneakity peek at what I spent my afternoon doing.

i hope you enjoy. it was SO much fun & I cant wait for the pictures in the fall.
seniors rock! they are so much fun.
& they also remind me that life is too short to go around frowning.
so enjoy your youth [or semi-youth, whatever.]
& turn that frown upside down!

love | laughter | & hugs.


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Im passionate. inspired. [driven.] and love to see people happy. I was first inspired by my [three] sweeties to pick up a camera. I am now hooked and want to show my little misses the beauty of chasing a dream & feeling alive.