Thursday, June 3, 2010

busy | my new middle name.

so have you ever been so busy that you feel like your mind is bursting at the seams?

no? [yes!] anyone that says no is either lying or super lazy. :)

well that is me this week. I have several invitation/stationary orders to finish up.
4 days worth of photo shoots starting today. [then more next week.]
i still have senior shoots to share from a month ago or more.

i have a bazillion doggie barkscotti treats to bake for the
No More Homeless Pets of Utah - Casino Royale Fundraiser Night.
[if you haven't gotten tickets already, think about it & buy them here.]

i think its sure to be a fabulous night for all humans & canines!

i guess it's time to get back to work. these things don't just finish themselves.

i will be posting photos later of a dear friends wedding invites i designed.
[i have just been waiting patiently or not so patiently
 for the postal service to deliver her box so she can see them too.]

also if you havent already check out my etsy shop.
it's still being built up with product but i hope to do much, much more with it later.
i have been handling all my orders for the past year via email & facebook.
that is getting too complicated | strung out | unprofessional...
so its time to take this etsy business to another level & get serious with it.

i also encourage you to tell your family & friends about me.
when i hit 500 "likers" [i hate saying fans, really. i do.] on facebook,
i will be offering a sweet giveaway.
i hate to give away too much but it could involve photos.
[or so a little birdie told me.]

for now i leave you with a little treat.
my two oldest girls [ella & savannah]
had a sister sleepover the other night.

they were so cute, i just couldn't resist a photo [or 10]
of course there were blankets & giant bears everywhere
& treats left on their face..but they had so much fun!

happy thursday [it's almost the weekend.]


who's taking a [peek?]

my [daily] reads.

the [lady] behind the lens.

Im passionate. inspired. [driven.] and love to see people happy. I was first inspired by my [three] sweeties to pick up a camera. I am now hooked and want to show my little misses the beauty of chasing a dream & feeling alive.