Friday, May 28, 2010

brace yourself for a longer post. [i promise you won't be mad.]

meet my friend lynsey. [& her family.]
she has an amazing husband and 2 very cute boys & 1 little sweet girl.
lynsey is such an amazing & strong person.
in the past months i have learned so much from her.
here are some photos from about a month back that I took of her family.  
see, aren't they beautiful? check out her sassy, fun little hairdo' too!

so let me tell you about what my friend is going through.
i promise it will humble you.
lynsey had a baby back in march, shortly after she realized she was still not feeling well.
long story made short. [so rare for me, go ahead laugh it up.]
she found out she has hodgkin's lymphoma.
lynsey has been incredibly brave & strong, battling cancer & juggling all the demands of family life.
some days having to be completely without her babies because of her treatments & such.

as a mom, i just cant imagine anything more trying.
but for those of us not living that life we know nothing about what she is truly going through.
the annoyance it must cause to leave her babies behind or to travel back and forth to salt lake for her treatments & the way she feels after those treatments.
or the fact that she had to say goodbye to her long hair & really is in a wig in the photos above.

but she does know it.
she is living her life with grace. & honesty & bravery & integrity
[i could go on and on.]
she is someone i admire because of it.
so the reason i had to post this is to share her story.
to tell you that even your worst day can not match up to a mediocre day for her.
that if she can get through such a rough time, we all can.

also, i want people who to know there are ways we can help lynsey.
even if you don't live in the great state of utah.
lynsey & her family can really use some help with medical expenses, traveling expenses, etc.
so if you feel the need to donate in some way please let me know.
or she loves getting sweet care packages. if you are the kind that likes to do that sort of thing. :)

& lastly there are some fundraisers going on locally.
so PLEASE get out there and support them if you can.
every little bit helps. even if it just means you telling all your friends & family, your hairdresser, you know...

there will be a carwash held in her honor next weekend -
saturday june 5th.
market express - chevron
10 am - start time.

also I am posting a flyer on here for a fun tae-bo workout weekend, silent auction, bake sale, etc.
it's really going to be great. if you can help in anyway at all [donations are welcome.], please let me know.

& lastly. 
i am donating $10 from each photo session booked with me for the months of june & july as well.
please contact me if you want to book, its for a great cause.
[& you can take the photos in any month but would need to at least book in june or july.]
i am willing to travel to SLC or around that area as well.
some of you have been so nice already to donate & do so many nice things.
it's very much appreciated & means the world to lynsey & her family.

so I guess thats about it.
if you are on facebook please find the support group for her.
please contact me if you have any questions/concerns/ideas/etc.

thanks for taking the time to read all this & learn about an incredible woman.
we should all be so lucky to know someone so wonderful.
love to you lyns. i am thinking of you often.


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