Friday, May 28, 2010

cupcakes + kisses [claire & bella.]

there are so many things uncertain in life.
for me, there is one thing so VERY true.
children. they ALWAYS tell the truth.
their laughter is contagious & intoxicating.
their energy is endless & not so contagious to us "ahem, old folks" ha!
their stories are hilarious & real. so true to life. the details we miss as adults are shameful.

so last week, I had the pleasure of spending some time with two very cute little girls.
[& their mama, whom i may add I never see enough.] hint, hint!
you can't help but miss childhood just a teensy bit when you see pictures like this.

they were both so full of personality and life.
the fact that i know the family made this day so much more fun & special as well.
[i still remember the days with just your kitty, shadow.]
miss claire had all this energy & was just so happy to smile for the camera.
and miss bella was just the same. it was a fun challenge to get her to smile for the camera.
& she loved the chalk. she 'd it so much she decided to have a snack. [mmm, chalky.]
i love, , love kids at this age.
they learn to say the funniest things & its so sweet to hear their little voices. [until they say no!]
don't you just want to kidnap her?! [ok, maybe not kidnap but borrow, perhaps?]

once again I am reminded how much I love capturing life's smiles & moments.
thanks so much for letting me put your little cuties on display.
they certainly are adorable & fun. you guys are just so blessed.

much love. ♥


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Im passionate. inspired. [driven.] and love to see people happy. I was first inspired by my [three] sweeties to pick up a camera. I am now hooked and want to show my little misses the beauty of chasing a dream & feeling alive.