Monday, May 24, 2010

meg | gianni [atticus & scout]

well. where to start?
once you see these will be smitten.
the time spent with these [four] & Taryn :) was effortless.
the love they share is obvious/contagious/inspiring/deep..
i really could go on and on. but i won't.
you can see for yourselves in the photos below.

these two lovebirds ♥ are set to tie the knot this October.
after that this little foursome is sure to continue to live a life of bliss.

[as seen in this collage of their cute family now.]

meg is a wonderful mama to her babies.
you can see the love they have for one another because of her.
love like that is surely hard to find.
scout & atticus are two very cute [& lucky] kids.

meg & gianni [atticus & scout]-
I wish you sweet happiness in your life together.

[although I know you already have plenty.] :)

i can't wait for october. i am sure you can't either.
when i was editing your photos, it reminded me of being in new love.
[your love isn't completely new]
but that anxious, cant wait to be the mrs to your mr,
kiss me all the time,  love. ♥

i can't wait to see where this life takes you two.
i wish you nothing but happy trails & sunshine.
[we all know life isn't perfect]
but if you can endure this journey with your partner, life is certainly sweetly blessed.

thanks for sharing your love with me you [four]

♥ your guts.


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Im passionate. inspired. [driven.] and love to see people happy. I was first inspired by my [three] sweeties to pick up a camera. I am now hooked and want to show my little misses the beauty of chasing a dream & feeling alive.