Thursday, June 10, 2010

have you [minted] yet?

so there is a great stationary website that i truly adore!

they are an amazing company,
often giving the chance to enter a design contest to design something for them.
i finally decided to enter this time.
[it's a holiday card design contest!]
i put it off, then this morning, while showering, i remembered.
so i put all these crazy thoughts in my head to good use.
they have been circulating for over a week or was time.

so if you have the chance, please go here & rate my design.

even if you hate it, i still appreciate the vote.
& it lets you rate the design from 1 - 5.
5 being the best. & honestly even if i get all 1's, it still means alot!

oh & tell your friends! [maybe they can | will vote too :)
should i advance farther than the submission stage,
i will surely do something kind in return!

voting ends monday june.14.2010!

thanks again for always supporting me
& believing in my crazy ideas!

love | hugs & laughter.
yours truly.


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