Thursday, June 10, 2010

2010 | holiday mini sessions.

2010 holiday mini sessions are here! 
yes, its only june.
but now is your chance to book a holiday mini session for your family.
this allows you to get great photos at an even greater price!

some of you think the holidays are SOOOOO far away.
well, really they aren't.
they are only about 6 months away.
still a long ways off for some of you?
sure but for a photographer even the month before christmas is too late to be doing pictures.

in utah, its freezing cold outside, the lighting isn't always great
& did i mention how busy i am on a normal day, let alone during the holidays?
my time, like everyone's is limited | valuable | precious.

i like to refer to my life as a delicate balance between chaos & beauty.
it seems something always has to go wrong in a day,
yet so many things always go wonderfully right.

3 little girls are always tugging at my sleeves & heartstrings,
2 pups are always wanting a good belly rub,
a not so little anymore kitty named walter likes to enjoy his time in the sun
[while having his ears rubbed.]
there is laundry to do, food to cook, floors to vacuum, photos to edit...
you see its all beautifully chaotic. [& exhausting!]

also on top of my normal life duties,
i will be gone in november for a week!
to photograph a very dear friends wedding.
[did i mention, its in mexico | on a cruise ship?]
[did i also mention, i will be leaving my babies?]
insert sad face here. [& a happy face too.]
i am ok with it though
because sometimes we ALL need a break from each other.
life is crazy in this house.

so obviously with all this chaos, these plans, etc that leaves little time for photos.
so take advantage of this deal,
book a date so you can plan ahead.
[if needed we can narrow time the exact times the month before.]
[i am flexible if these dates don't work for you.]
keep in mind i am already booked 
[with a some dates still open]
into august right now.
i have had a busy june so far!

please call or email should you have any questions or concerns!
[you can find my info at the top of my blog.]

& lastly,
if you bring a bag of food to donate to the food bank,
i will give you 10 extra holiday cards for free!
to say thanks for your generosity!

also if you refer a friend[s]
you will receive a free 8 x 10 from your session
[upon the friend's session being booked | paid]

refer multiple friends & receive more prints or a free custom card design digital file
[you can use this to print anywhere - an unlimited amount of times.]

so...don't be a procrastinating patty.
take care of your holiday business before the crowds.

love | hugs & laughter.


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