Monday, June 21, 2010

may your monday be better than this one.

in so many ways...
just when you thought your mondays were stressful....
i cant even begin to point out how awkward so many things are in this photo.

the photo on the wall only shows two kids,  yet somehow they have 4 here...
someone's not a favorite :)

pretty sure the little guy is pooping or just really clueless.
[i still vote that he is pooping, trust me, as a mom i have seen that face.]

the mom's gonna do the running man any second if those kids don't hurry up.
& we all know that won't end well.
the dad, hmm,  i won't elaborate on that...
he is just glad his son is as tall as his wife & possibly even the same age too.
after all with the same haircuts it's hard to distinguish the two.

so take a break today, take a deep breath & remember life could always be more awkward.

happy monday all! & please send me some of your awkward photos!

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